PICKLE SPEARS 32oz/Quart Jars

Kosher Dills $9

32oz of pickled goodness! We pack this with whole cloves of garlic and a nice bunch of fresh dill. We say it's like a grocery store pickle, except awesome.

Garlic Dills $9

We use a combo of whole garlic cloves plus minced to help with any impending vampire invasion. Yet it'll leave a garlic mouth even your mother could love.

Chesapeakles $9

Spiced up with Old Bay® seasoning, we say they're like steamed crabs in the summer - pickled. Now grab me a Natty Boh!

Spicy Dills $9

Loaded with Serrano peppers and some kicked-up spices, we say these have a nice "zing", but not hot - a great intro to some heat!

Hot Dills $9

Habanero peppers give these babies some nice heat! And yes, hotter than spicy - that will kick but not kill ya.

Killa Dillas $10

Our seasonal variety especially for the hot-heads! These are spiced up with Ghost Peppers looking for love. Giddyup!
Seasonal variety

Scorpion Dills $11

This seasonal uses Scorpion Peppers - and we think they're a
bit hotter than the Killas. You be
the judge!
Seasonal variety

PICKLE CHIPS 16oz/Pint Jars


Sweetness $6

This pickle chip is sweet, not
syrupy - with a touch of onion.
And known to dissappear before they get home. Nice!

Sweet & Spicy $6

Like our Sweetness pickle chip
with a bite - score!! Our best
show seller!

Killa Dilla Pints $6

The Ghost Pepper pickles you
love in chip form to lift a burger
or sandwich to the next level!
Seasonal variety

Sweet & Spicy $1.5

Crunchy pickle chips that release flavors as they melt in your mouth. Holy flip these are good!


String Beans $6

Some call these "Dilly Beans".
We call them "Awesome". Mild flavor with a nice bite, these disappear quickly.

Spicy Beans $6

These aren't the spicy string beans you had in New Orleans, they're better! Dilly beans with a bite -
and FABULOUS in Bloody Mary's.

Asparagus $9

These are so yummy, it's hard to describe. Soft, subtle, I could eat an entire jar in one sitting. Enjoy!!

Spicy Asparagus $9

Like our Spicy Beans with a
little sophistication. If you like asparagus, you're love these.



Spicy Okra $7

More well-known in southern cooking, these are a hidden
veggie gem for us. Throw one
in a Bloody Mary and enjoy!

Cauliflower $6

Not just for dipping anymore!
These cauliflower are flavored the
same as our Kosher dills for a nice dill/garlic/salty flavor.

Killa Peppas $1.5

Add some of these to chili or crush them up for some super-spiced pizza. These will make you sweat!
(A mix of Scorpion, Ghost, 7_Pot, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Serrano, Jalapeño and/or Red Peppers)

CARROTS 12oz/Shorty Jars

Fennel Carrots $6

Bizarre sounding - yes.
Amazing - holy friggin' cow!
The sweetness of the carrots
and anise of the fennel pair like
a couple in love.

Spicy Carrots $6

Nothing fancy here. Spicy carrots? Heck yeah!!

Sweet Ginger Carrots $6

These are LOVELY! Fresh ginger?
Sweet carrots? So refreshing!

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